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How do you cope with being away from your boyfriend/husband?

I have been in college for 1 year while my boyfriend was still in high school. I came home for the summer to spend it with him but he moved in June just to get out of his house...I was mad at him for a while for this but I'm ok now. I miss him A LOT even though I see him on the weekends. We have been together for 2.5 years now so we are a pretty strong couple but all I do is sit here and wait for him to call me when he's not playing his video games or working...all my friends are gone so I really have no one here to hang out with. What should I do to make what's left of the summer a good summer without just being a lazy bum?How do you cope with being away from your boyfriend/husband?
go out and have fun, like u said you guys are a strong couple, have fun and still keep the relationship flowing!How do you cope with being away from your boyfriend/husband?
I hate it! My husaband goes out of town for work. Hes not gone that long but being in the house without him, makes it so lonley! I just keep at my job, clean the **** out of the house, and then visit my family or my friends. Try to keep myself busy! When he leaves, he usualy leaves a pillow at home so theres still something of this there. That kind of makes it nice when your trying to fall asleep!
When Edward left me I felt as if a hole was inside me. I would have to hold myself to keep myself from falling apart. I did crazy things just to hear his voice in my head ( I recommend not doing this because it may result in your boyfriend/husband thinking you killed yourself) My other good friend Jacob was there for me and kept my mind off Edward. He has such a positive attitude.
i know how you feel.

im with my boyfriend of almost a year, i live in california, he lives in ICELAND.

but were only 14 so its a little different haha.

try and make some new friends maybe. thats what im doing to keep myself busy.

or you can go outside for a walk, that always helps me.

and duude at least you get to see him! haha

good luck babe :)
you keep yourself busy..only seeing him over the weekend..thats bad? well how about my situation with my boyfriend being gone for 3 MONTHS for boot camp w/marines..yeah i have it worse..but anyway..just keep busy and find things to do i guess.
ok i dont care who this guy is, i love video games as much as the next guy but any guy who wants a game more than a human being is got some priority sorting needing to be done.. if he really liked u hed come to you...hes your booty call
Go out and make new friends, or go and visit him. Also, you can ask him to come and visit you!
ditch your dude - he sounds like a looser. there are sooooo many others out there, I promise you'll find better. Your young - probably beautiful... go out. go to the pool/lake/mall whatever - meet people - laugh - dance... being single is the best, really
Make new friends, voulteer, read , spend time with parents, grandparents, take a day trip, take a hobby class, :)

Have fum while ur young
You can join him play video games.. :D
Its hard, I know I've been there, But if you trust and love them then, you got nothing to worry about.
Try to do other things to keep your mind off of him. At a time like this you need your friends.
Live your own life - pursue your interests, he is.
l am a man and l have sex w/ women. That's how l deal w/ being away from my husband.
Get a job.
Get a hobby or find another man.
Get a job!
Let me know when you get an answer, I'm in a similar situation =/
Get another boyfriend on the side........and keep it a secret.
get a hobby or go on vacation girll
its understandable that you miss him and everything but dont waste your time sitting by the phone waiting for him to call. go out and have fun for yourself, even if you dont have a lot of friends that you can hang out with. go to the movies by yourself. go take a walk. take a one day trip to another city nearby. and if he happens to call and get an answering machine hell only admire you more because even though you love him, your life does not revolve around him.

never ever ever let your life revolve around a man. you always have to be independent!!! they will respect you more for it.

How do you make your man/woman file for nullity from his/her current marriage, which is not you?

Im 25, he's 35.

I know this is stupid - i fell in love- but, it has been a year since i moved with my boyfriend, who is now 5yrs married to his wife and has a 3 yr-old son.

Its so obvious that he doesnt love his wife (its shows and he said so).

He's with me on working days, stays with his family on non-working days.

The first and last time we talked about it, all he said was he doesnt want to be the faulty and bad one.

And any annulment case would only lead him to not marrying again.

Any advice? explanation?

I cannot find help from any of my friends coz they all despise him and all they want to for me to move out of the apartment and find a new beginning.How do you make your man/woman file for nullity from his/her current marriage, which is not you?
okay, let's keep this simple.

YOU'RE THE OTHER WOMAN. You're not ever going to be the wife. NOT EVER. He doesn't love you or respect you. He just sleeps with you. That's it.

If you're really gullible enough to live with a married man, and expect him to be faithful TO YOU, that's one thing. But to expect him to give up half of his money and assets to get out of a marriage, when he gets to do you now for free? That's just being stupid. And even if this was a fairy tale and he did leave his wife for you. Guess what? He'd cheat on you, too! That's what cheaters do. They cheat. DUH!!!

Grow up. You don't deserve happiness when you're stealing a man from another family. Stop thinking what you're doing is okay, get out of this man's life and move on. Doing anything else is just being his whore. And a poorly paid one at that.

Good luck.How do you make your man/woman file for nullity from his/her current marriage, which is not you?
If he didn't want to be with his wife nor love her, they wouldn't be together. So don't fall for that lie. Don't u watch lifetime. Never try to pursue a relationship with a married man. Would you like to be a wife with a cheating husband. You can't trust him. It's obvious he's a liar he is cheating. Don't come back on here asking how to get over a heartache when he decides to stop cheating on his wife. And go back home to her. Ooops he already does that.
Open your eyes sweetie. If he is doing this to her, what makes you think he won't do it to you? What comes around goes around. I think your friends are right. Sometimes you have to listen to your brain and not your heart because your heart will get you into trouble. If he didn't love his wife, he wouldn't go back home to her on the non-working days. You don't know why they have that set up the way they do. He is more than likely, leading you on. You need to just walk away, because he isn't going to divorce her anytime soon.
in simple words you are being had and that is fine as long as you know that. yepper, you are being used. what part of this dont' you understand hes got his cake and eat it to. yep his wife is there also
Honey he doesn't want to leave his family for you even if he doesn't love her she is his wife and he has a life with her. He is leading you on and you can either sit back and be happy to be the mistress second best to his wife or you can leave.
there is a good reason they despise him. he's married and with you. that's just wrong. he's taking you for a ride. i think you know it. you can't make him divorce his wife. he isn't going to. get out while the gettin's good and find someone who isn't married.
He is the bad one,he has 2 familys.what he is doing is wrong to his wife,son and you.If he wanted to really leave his wife he would have already divorced her.It cannot be anulled because it has been 5yrs.
What kind of idiot are you? Why would you move in with a guy who is still married, and has no intention of leaving his wife? Of course he tells you he doesn't love her. His whole life is a lie, but you choose to believe that one. Have some self respect. Move out, and find someone who is available.
He's got the wool pulled over your eyes.
ok, all your friends hate him, and everyone who has answered this question hates him too. do you think that you're the only one who sees the truth here? i find that when everyone in my life is telling me the same thing, i need to stand up and listen. i found this out only after i almost married a TOTAL jerk. if i had just listened to them, things would have gone so much easier for me.

having said that, it's absolutely CLASSIC for a man having an affair to say that he doesn't love his wife. they ALL do it. i really hope that you find the courage and self-esteem to get away from a man who is obviously using you.
Like they say why buy the cow when you can

get the milk for free..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are in for a bumpy ride,, that man isnt gonna divorce his wife for you.. so you can forget all the promises he made..and an anullment cant stop him from being remarried..he is not planning on marrying you girl.. wake up and smell the coffee...
Why do young women sell themselves so short. Is it low self esteem? Did your daddy not show you enough love?

Do you think it is ok to be his lover? His wife probably doesn't know you exist. Call her - find out if she knows about you. I am sure on the weekend he isn't sleeping with his wife-Right? Because it's you he loves.

You are a home-wrecker. You need help. Listen to your friends and family. They want what is best for you.

The mirror must be tough on you.
Your friends despise him for a reason. he's having his cake and eating it too, and you're the cake. You deserve to have someone all to yourself and he doesn't seem to be willing to do that. You can't MAKE somebody divorce somebody. You just can't. The only thing you can do is leave. One of two things will happen, he'll come chasing after you and finally follow thru with a divorce, or he WON'T and you'll know that he never intended to.
Leave him! He is taking advantage of you, and no good can come of this relationship. If he had any respect for you, he would be only with you, and not living this double life. If he leaves his wife to be with you, how do you know he won't do the same thing to you?
Looks like his behavior in this relationship with you is not going to go anywhere. You need to face this situation for what it is. bettyk
It hurts me beyond belief that you believe him.

Let's take this step by step.

1) You know this is stupid (you said that, not me.)

2) You fell in love a year ago with a guy who has been married 5 yrs and has a 3 yr-old son

3) It's obvious he doesn't love his wife....

ok, here's where it gets goofy...

4) he stays with you on working days


5) stays with her on non-working days.

Could that possibly be ';weekends?';

6) He is having an affair with you, he is married and has a child but he doesn't want to be the ';faulty'; (bad) guy.


7) He has conveniently ruled out annulment because for whatever reason he would not marry again (that pretty much excludes you, right?)

So after all of the above, you want advice.

8) In fact, on top of all of this, your friends despise him.


and your question was,

How do u make your man/woman file for nullity from his/her current marriage, which is not you?

I am not going to humor or patronize you. I truly and sincerely and honestly believe you know the answer. I really do.

I just told you what you told me.

If I just told you what you just told me, but it was me, what would YOU say?

I wish you luck. I think you are stuck. You believe this guy and he is so, so, so using you. But for whatever reason honey, you just don't see it.
Listen to your friends because I'm sure they care about you. A man that has a wife and a girlfriend who is 10 years younger than him must have a very big ego and is playing you for a fool. Get rid of him!!!!!
My M-I-L is in the same situation. They both promised to divorce other people. My mil divorced 3yrs ago, the guy is still married. He still does family functions. He says it for the kids. His kids are 30. Anyway, these men are jokers. You can't make them file.
Nullity=annulment. There are very few grounds for annulment (and they are very specific), so he probably wouldn鈥檛 qualify for it, even if he wanted to file.

But, don鈥檛 expect him to file for divorce either. Married men always tell their lovers that they don鈥檛 love their wives, and yet鈥hey stay with them.

He鈥檚 using you, and you鈥檙e allowing him to do it.
take your friends advice.

and slap him on my behalf will you, thanks.
sounds like he has the best of both worlds - he needs to choose - what a horrible situation to be in - Sorry, but you are just allowing this behaviour by staying with him.
You have chosen a very hard path. You are the other woman. All cheating husbands tell their mistress that they don't love their wives but are staying for the children or some other excuse. He is making it pretty clear that he won't be marrying you ever. He says if he did end his marriage he wouldn't remarry ever.

This guy is having his cake and eating it too. He is married and enjoys the benefits of a married man and believe me that includes sex with her. And he gets to have a little something on the side with you too. How perfect for him.

Wise up before you are 40 and still hoping this jerk will marry you. If you want kids and a husband of your own, stop dating married guys and make yourself available to single ones.

Dump him and move on. Your friends are right.

Good luck.
He's wrong in what he is doing but you are just as guilty in all of this. You know what's going on and you continue to go along with it. How do you think his wife feels? I say this because I've been in this situation and it's a horrible feeling when you find out that your relationship is all a lie. Luckily I found out a month before my wedding.
Rather you want to believe it or not if he is cheating on his wife now he will cheat on you to. By the way he is not your man he is married . Not only has he sinned but so have you.
Do you know that if he is cheating on his WIFE he will cheat on you !! A cheating husband will tell you anything you want to hear. Your so beautiful, I can't live without you!! I don't love my wife I only love you!!! What would I do without you!! Your to good to me!!! I love you so much!! Sound familiar !! I bet he has said all of these and more!! But he still goes home to his wife.
he is getting the best of both worlds why would he leave that ?? he is playing you ,,, stop being a stupid little girl and grow up..... leave him cause he won't leave her,,,,,, also.. what about his son,,, ever think about him????
Number one , u r not stupid. But this is how it is..he is lying just to placate you. He is too much of a coward to end his marriage. If he really loved you he would have done it. Instead , he wants to have the best of both worlds, and in the real world it cannot be this way. Your friends are only looking out for you they mean no harm....they care! It hurts them to see that he is using you. There are plenty of other guys out there who will love you and only you. Please consider the fact that he has a child, and in the end it's the children who suffer most, sure the child may be young...but they can sense things. Don't cheat yourself, by living a lie. Honestly, it will take time to get over him..but to get rid of him is the best choice. If he is lying to you now, do u always want to have to wonder and worry? Think about that. Good luck to u, be the bigger person and do the right thing.
your very naive, does his wife even know about you? think about it your staying in an apartment with him and on his days off from work he is going to spend time with his wife and kids and you sit there and wait for him!

go find yourself someone who will be there 100% of the time.

Should your boyfriend always pay and take you out?

my boyfriend has a new job,makes less money but potential for more in 5 years...he has taken me out in teh beginning of our relationship,I find now 2 months later he doesnt really take me out much,we order in though.I paid for dinner last night(he said he would) but I knew I would have to offer for us to go so I paid.But hes great,a nice guy and treats me good.Ive gone out with rich men that treat me well,bad.How do I deal with this?Should your boyfriend always pay and take you out?
i been with my man for 2 years and he ALWAYS pays..but he makes more money than me but once in a blue moon i pay here and there. i make it up to him anyway at the end of the night! :-)Should your boyfriend always pay and take you out?
Yeah it isn't ALWAYS right for the guy to pay. The girl makes money and needs to put out sometimes too. Especially if your in an exclusive relationship. You cant drain your mans pockets and then keep all your money. Stuff should always be shared..
split the check

it is a double standard if women say men should always pays and the women think of themselves as indpendent or feminist
your bf shouldn't always pay i think the first couple dates but then you guys could split the cheack or you just pay once in awhile

How do you make yourself loose guys that have a crush on you, but keep your boyfriend?


i need some helpp. i don't know what to do, i'm lost. i'll give you names so my story is easier to follow.

katie-me (freshman)

kyle- my current boyfriend. (senior)

joe- freshman

chris- senior


mark- sophomore.

Lately, me and my boyfriend kyle have been fighting, over silly things. could it be the age difference? anywhoo, friday night football game, my best friend maria told me four guys who liked me, all decent guys if i may say so myself. there names, kyle(the junior), mark, joe, and chris. They all are really cute, but my boyfriend i like a lot. all these guys are really really Great friends of mine, and i don't know what to do. see, my boyfriend, he is tall, cute, and has curly hair. the perfect thing to look at, but hes a bit of a perv sometimes. but we've been dating for a year and a half and i think i might love him. The question i have for you guys is... how do i let these guys down without hurting them? and now that kyle knows they like me, how can i be friends with them? one of our most recent fights was.. after our playoff soccer game, i was balling my eyes out, and kyle wasn't there. chris gave me a hug. ( i couldn't run away! he doesn't know that i know that he likes me!) and apparently taylor, (my good friend who likes chris) told kyle that i hugged chris. i turn to you yahoo-ers.

What do i do?How do you make yourself loose guys that have a crush on you, but keep your boyfriend?
Explain everything to everyone who was involved. Tell your friend that he hugged you, but you like him and your other friends as friends. Tell her and everyone who needs to know, that you love your boyfriend very much. Tell this to your boyfriend, too.How do you make yourself loose guys that have a crush on you, but keep your boyfriend?
quit talking to the other guys. so, you lose some fans. that's what happens in a relationship. it's normal. be normal.
i agree

How do u get your boyfriend to loose weight with out callling him fat?

i really like him but hes overweight and its not healthy and ive been trying to make the time were around each other like dates and stuff athletic every time . hes not opposed to exercising and he is willing to do what i do and so far getting him to do active activitys with me has been easy . is there anything else i can do besides that? i know its his choice but i also wanna help him loose weight and i know its an issue for him.How do u get your boyfriend to loose weight with out callling him fat?
play a sport with him, serve him healhty dinnersHow do u get your boyfriend to loose weight with out callling him fat?
I dunno, maybe you could think of the future if you decide to have children and you happen to put weight on afterwards would you like it for him or your other partner to make you lose weight?
Buy him a mirdle ! ;-)

';your not touching my vagina until you loose x amount of weight
The best way to tell somebody what you feel can be offensive to him (her) is to give time while waiting for an opportunity. Keep watch until the person will say it from his (her) own mouth. As for your case, it is already good as he is willing to do active activities with you. He needs more encouragement from you. If you see that what you are doing together is not working for him, there are many ways that leads to Rome. I will get back to you as soon as I find what could be best for him to give it a go.
lose your weight with protoco or acai berry

How would you want your boyfriend to propose to you? Which way would make you def. say yes?? I'm just curious!

I would want him to take me out to breakfast on some exotic Island (while we're on vacation I don't want him to wake me up @ 4 in the mornin to give me breakfast in the Phillipines @ 11:00 lol) I want the day to be slightly windy but nothing too abraissive (sp) right near the sea maybe even on the rocks around the shore...I want him to sit down beside me not get on 1 knee I want my hair to be blowing in the wind and I want to wear a beautiful white dress made of a very light material I want him to be in a white linen mathing pant and shirt outfit...we both will be bare footed...or i want to be laying down on the beach with him no matter what we are wearing as long as its night time..and i want him to ask me ';Would you do anything for me?'; and I would reply ';Of course'; while looking deeply into his eyes and he would continue to say while I responded yes to every answer ';Would you steal for me?..Would you lie for me? Would you kill for me? and then THE BIG ONE Would you marry me?'; cool?How would you want your boyfriend to propose to you? Which way would make you def. say yes?? I'm just curious!
when a man proposes to you it means that he really cares about you and that he wants to spend his life with you and that he wants time alone with and that he wants to show everyone that he cares and loves you.How would you want your boyfriend to propose to you? Which way would make you def. say yes?? I'm just curious!
i proposed to my girl early in the morning. i called her parents early in the morning, cuz i knew she wouldn't answer, and asked them if i could go over, and not to wake her. and just like i loved her while being all made up, i loved her waking up in the morning. Well, i was allowed to go into her bedroom after telling her parents what i was there for, and woke her at her bed. she was very beautiful that morning...and then after about 6 months she left me...i was sad for a long, long time.
You are dreaming, girl. The only way to get a guy to propose is to make sure he knows you want a proposal. As for the island %26amp; all that crap, don't bother. All you are doing is setting yourself up for disappointment
lol write a note to santa claus, he might propose to you then
1st i wouls have to kno that i love him an already kno that hes the one and already hjave been wanting him to ask me to marry him cusz im not jus gonna marry him brcause he knows how to ask me. t mit b all romanic an everything but if hes not the right guy then im not gonna screw up my lif for dat. if he luvs me then he would get on his knee anywhere an i would say yes of course! and then i would luv him til the day i die... forever and ever...ahhhhh....
My husband proposed to me in the living room. I was busy telling him events of the day and was just rambling on. He was trying to get a word in edge wise and told me to go sit on the sofa and when I did he got down on one knee and proposed. He caught me by surprise, but I was wishing it would have been at a more romantic place or dinner somewhere other than at home. I still didn't give him an answer right away. I almost felt like I had to really think about it. I had rathar given up as we had been together for 6 years. I told myself that I wasn't going to get married after I turned 30 if he didn't ask before. Yes, I was 30 and it took a couple of days to answer. lol
I recently answered a question: Do you really need to spend a lot of money in order to have a romantic moment? By Mr. Skuddles.

My answer was yes and listed reasons why. As a result,my response was less than received as an honest answer.

My dear, you have just given credibility to my answer with your notion of romance.

You pose no mention of your deep love and devotion toward your ';other half';. All I see printed is how you want the whole event to occur with little to no regard to the importance and significance to a life altering question for the both of you.
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  • Ladies, if your husband is a construction worker, do you wash your clothes together with his?

    this question is for the ladies, if your husband or boyfriend is a construction worker or any kind or labor worker like plumber for example. lets say he goes out and works in the hot weather, he sweats, he uses the portable toilet. when it rains, he gets mud all on his jeans and socks.... you get the point. when he comes home, do you wash his current outfit together with your clothes? i am asking this out of curiousity because i find it disgusting and i just want to know how many people do this. washing your clothes once in the washer doesnt make your clothes 100% clean.Ladies, if your husband is a construction worker, do you wash your clothes together with his?
    No. The only reason is because I wouldn't want mud stains on my own clothing. The best way to really get his clothes scrubbed is to add 1/2-1 cup baking soda to every load of his clothes in the wash cycle and 1/2-1 cup white vinegar to the rinse cycle. This really scrubs out those stubborn stains, deodorizes, disinfects and softens the clothes. Fabric softener is not needed.Ladies, if your husband is a construction worker, do you wash your clothes together with his?
    I wash our clothes together. It does not bother me, then again he does use deodorant. I have yet to have him come home and smell. Then again I don't find my boyfriend disgusting as you find your partner.
    Not my husband, but my son is, (a carpenter) and the answer is NO.

    His clothes get a pre-soak and then are washed in HOT water.

    All that dirt comes loose and then would settle in my garments, if I gave it the chance.

    The extra initial wash and spin, seem to help a LOT.
    My boyfriend is not a construction worker, but my father was. My mother never washed his clothes with her clothes and neither would I. Heavily soiled clothes should not be washed with regular, every day, mildly soiled items. It just doesn't seem right. I absolutely agree with you!
    Not a chance in hell...when my husband worked in his father's machine shop, I washed his greasy, stinky work clothes in a hot, sudsy wash with a good dose of Lysol cleaner. Rinsed twice and line dried. I wouldn't even dry them in the dryer!

    I got the above advice from my mother-in-law, that's how she'd done it for 35 years.
    I would have to say it depends what I am washing it with, jeans I would probably all wash together since they are more durable and whatnot. I wouldnt wash his work stuff with my work stuff, wouldnt want things to get ruined if spots transfer and whatnot.

    Hot water, and laundry soap and whatnot may not get everything 100% like you stated but it certainly gets most of it, and keeps things fresh.
    No!!! Wash them separately and then wash out the machine.
    absolutely not ...... his work cloths get washed separate all the time
    Haha, I don't. I wash them separately. Once, this cement stuff/drywall/portable toilet all over my jeans. So now I just wash them separately, and sometimes I have to use those pens to get stains out. Hope this helps!
    My husband is an electrician and I wash his clothes with mine. I have never had a problem with his clothes ruining mine or the kids' clothes. But then he works inside mostly, and doesn't get as dirty as a plumber or carpenter. He gets dirty and sweaty....and he gets some oil on his things, but not too much. I only wash his things seperately if he has insulation, paint, or drywall on his clothes.
    haha. No WAY would I wash my clothes with his clothes. Their things get extremely dirty and collect grease, dirt, mud, insects and whatever else they were near or touched that day.

    Washing your clothes with his would ruin your clothes.

    His should be done seperately and washed twice!!!
    NO! There are too many other substances in his clothes. It will tear up the fibers of almost any other clothes you have if there are chemicals or whatever. Even mud could stain up your clothing. I didn't do it with my ex.